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How to distinguish Pure Single Donor Hair and Unpure Single Donor Hair?

In the market today, you may encounter places that advertise selling single donor hair, but in fact very few places provide Pure Single Donor Hair. The article below will help you distinguish Pure Single Donor Hair and make a wise decision for yourself in buying this kind of hair.
If you look through images or videos, it will be very difficult to distinguish between Pure Single Donor Hair and Unpure Single Donor Hair because the lighting and beauty effects will make all types of hair look very beautiful under the phone screen. More specifically, with the treatment technology to shine hair and the hair dyeing technology typical of the hair industry, it is even easier to confuse Pure Single Donor Hair with other types of hair.
Identifying characteristics of Pure Single Donor Hair
1. Hair usually has a natural style, not too smooth like bone straight: Pure Single Donor Hair usually does not process the hair, so the hair style remains the same compared to when cut from the human head. In Vietnam, there are usually only two natural styles: Straight and Natural wavy. Sometimes the suppliers want to make the hair straighter so they will straighten the hair but without using the same chemicals as bone straight hair. Hair will return to its original state after a period of time in a bag or box. If you want to check whether your hair is Pure Single Donor Hair ironed or Unpure Single Donor Hair boned, you can ask the supplier to wash the hair to return it to its original state. If Pure Single Donor Hair, the hair will not be super straight like bone straight hair. After washing it will return to its original state before ironing. However, currently there are some customers request to make bone straight from Pure single donor hair, so suppliers still have pure single donor hair made from bone straight, but you can check to see if it is pure single donor hair or not by scraping the powder layer off the hair as we will mention below.
2. Pure Single Donor Hair usually has natural wavy and looks very naturally and can be straightened very easily when washing it, however it is quite soft and smooth, the curls are often a bit different. Unpure Single Donor Hair is often made bone straight with chemicals and when you want wavy, you have to steam it and the hair style looks a bit different from natural wavy. However, it is sometimes made quite similar to natural wavy. You can only check by washing it again because if Unpure Single Donor Hair is often steamed, when washing, the wavy will still be kept and not stretched out like natural wavy.
3. The color of Pure Single Donor Hair hair is often slightly different between hairs because each hair is cut from 1 person's head and not mixed together. Suppliers often choose similar items for the same order. This is more obvious with brown because with color #1b, the hair will be the same. Unpure Single Donor Hair is usually a color dyed to resemble the color of Pure Single Donor Hair, especially brown, the hairs are often the same color, evenly colored throughout that series of hair. The brown color of single donor hair is not the natural color of the human head, but it is dyed from the human head before the hair is cut and it has time to live on the human head for a while so it looks very natural. However, when you bleach this brown color, it usually only turns out the dark 613 color because it is essentially a dye, not a natural color.
4. Smell your hair: With Pure Single Donor hair, you will smell human scent, not artificial scent or chemical smell, sometimes just the smell of shampoo or conditioner or varnish. With Unpure Single Donor Hair, the hair is usually made bone straight or steamed, so when you smell the hair, you will not smell a human smell, but usually the smell of chemicals and artificial smells.
5. Age of hair: Pure Single Donor Hair usually has a very long lifespan, at least 7-9 years and even longer because it has not been processed, but with Unpure Single Donor Hair, it is usually only beautiful for a short period of time (we think less than 2 years), then the hair will become fibrous and rough.
6. Check by scraping the hair: You can scrape the powder on the outside of the hair to know if it is a natural color or a dyed color. If the color is natural, the scraped powder will be white. If the color is dyed, the powder will not be white but can be brown, yellow, black...
Hopefully the above article will help you to choose the right Pure Single Donor Hair because this is one of the most premium hair types on the market today and its price is not cheap. Hope you find the hair you want.
Thank you for reading this article.

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