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How To Get Rid Of Split Ends In Hair Extensions

Just like your natural hair, your hair extensions also get split ends since they are made from real human hair. The appearance of fragmented ends will surely bring a dull look to your hair extensions. So, what really causes fragmented ends and how to get rid of split ends in hair extensions? Let scroll down to read the details.

What Are Split Ends?

Fractured ends refer to the condition where the tips of individual hair strands become split or frayed into two or more segments. This occurs when the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle is damaged or worn away, leaving the inner layers exposed and vulnerable. Fractured ends can make hair appear dry, damaged, and unhealthy, and they can also lead to further breakage and loss if not addressed. Regular trimming and proper hair care are essential to prevent and manage fractured ends.

Do Hair Extensions Get Split Ends?

Yes, hair extensions can develop fractured ends, similar to natural hair. Just like natural hair, hair extensions can become damaged due to factors like heat styling, friction, and lack of proper care. Split ends on hair extensions can make them look less attractive and can lead to further tangling and breakage if not addressed. This can happen due to various factors, including regular wear and tear, styling with heat tools, exposure to harsh environmental conditions, and inadequate care. Split ends can make hair extensions appear dull and damaged.

What Causes Splitting Strands In Hair Extensions?

1. Lack of Maintenance

Hair extensions give your natural hair a break from styling, so you can change the color and hairstyle without damaging your bio hair. However, too much dying, improper cutting techniques, and styling products with barely any haircare will damage your hair extensions, weakening the hair strands, and there come split ends. Although human hair extensions require low maintenance, it does not mean that you can use them without a haircare process.

2. Overuse of Heat Styling

Using heat styling tools such as straighteners, curling iron, and blow dryers can make the hair follicles lose their moisture, thereby making the hair become dry. Natural hair grows from root to tip; accordingly, the end is the oldest part of the hair. Therefore, it’s prone to damage more than the other parts. Under the influence of your styling tools, the hair ends will dry and split.

3. Harsh Hair Products And Strong Shampoo

It’s fine to use hair products on your hair extensions, but have you ever checked out their ingredients to see if they are suitable to use? Gels, waxes, and dyes are harsh hair products that can leave unwanted build-up on the hair. They cause the hair extensions to dry and limp, and over time, the hair will split.

The same thing goes with strong shampoos. Normal shampoos you use for your real hair may be too harsh for your human hair extensions. Unlike your bio hair which benefits from the natural oil in your scalp to moisturize the hair, hair extensions do not have this natural oil. Hence, it’s easy to be dry after you wash it with strong shampoos, which is the main cause of split ends in your hair extensions.

4. Rubbing The Hair With A Towel

You may wonder how rubbing the hair with a towel can lead to splitting strands in your hair extensions, but it’s really true. After washing hair extensions, users often use a towel to dry the damp hair. Yet, aggressive rubbing with the towel can severely damage your hair extensions if it happens on a regular basis. And a towel from thick and stiff fabric will surely worsen the situation.

5. Environmental Damage

Dry weather can be seen as the “silent killer” to hair extensions. It damages the hair gradually, and without proper maintenance, it causes terrible fractured ends to your hair extensions.

How To Prevent Split Ends In Hair Extensions?

How to prevent or fix splitting hairs on extensions is a common question that VUY hair receives frequently. While it’s not possible to completely repair fractured ends on hair extensions, there are steps you can take care of minimizing split ends on real hair extensions their appearance and prevent further damage:

1. Invest in High-quality Hair Extensions

Investing in high-quality hair extensions is surely a profitable deal. The reason is that they can endure heat and chemical components from dyes and styling products better. With high-quality human hair extensions, there will be less chance of fractured ends.

2. Keep Regular Maintenance

Maintaining a haircare procedure for your human hair extensions is a must to keep your hair extensions away from fractured ends. The first thing to do is remember to condition your hair extensions. Just like your natural hair, human hair extensions need a good hair conditioner to keep moisture and avoid splitting. We suggest you use a deep conditioner since it’s harder for hair extensions to absorb nutrients from conditioners than real hair. And make sure that you apply the hair conditioner on the ends. If you apply conditioner to the roots of the hair, it may make the bond loosen and break off.

How to prevent split ends in hair extensions

3. Hair Care

Additionally, it will be better if you use a high-quality detangler for your hair extensions. If you once use hair extensions, you will know that how tiring it is when the hair gets tangled. Therefore, we recommend you invest in good quality detangler to help you solve the frustrating situation. And don’t forget to put your detangler comb in your bag when you go out. It will be a big help if your hair extensions frizz and tangled.

4. Don’t Overuse Heat Styling

Even if you are using high-quality human hair extensions, you should restrict the number of times using heat styling tools. And in case you use them, make sure to turn on low heat mode to avoid burning or drying out your hair extensions.

5. Night Preparation

If you go to bed with your hair extensions, it’s best to tie up them into a braid to avoid tangling, which will then lead to split ends. This is also a great way to keep your hair soft while you sleep. You can also replace your old pillowcase with the satin one to protect your hair extensions.

6. Check The Water Temperature For Washing

Hot water can terribly dry out your hair extensions, so it’s better to take the water to the pot to wash the hair rather than lying it under a running faucet. Lukewarm water is ideal for you to wash your hair extensions.

How to get rid of split ends in hair extensions

7. Trimming The Tips of The Hair

If you see the ends of your hair extensions a little dry and brittle, you can trim a little to bring back your hair extensions a new fresh look.


Split ends is a normal occurrence in both real hair and human hair extensions. Yet, if you master the tips “How to get rid of split ends in hair extensions” above, you can always be confident with your hair and look. And as we have mentioned above, one of the ways to prevent the fractured ends is choosing the best hair extensions with the top-notch quality and taking care them carefully.

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