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The magical beauty of Vietnamese long hair

You are curious about how to have Vietnamese long hair like a Vietnamese woman. Come to our blog to discover all the information about this type of hair.

Beautiful long black hair is the dream of many women. When it comes to long hair, it is impossible not to mention Vietnamese long hair – the desire of many people. Let’s discover the secret to getting such beautiful hair in this article.

1. The magical beauty of Vietnamese long hair

1.1. Vietnamese long hair – The traditional beauty of Vietnamese women is desired

Women with long hair are a traditional cultural beauty of Vietnam. When combined with “ao dai”, this is a symbol of the beauty of Vietnamese women. Vietnamese women like to get long hair because it makes hairstyles easier, or maybe the appealing picture of long hair has a profound effect on them. It has all the classic charm and elegance of Vietnamese women.

1.2. Outstanding features and secrets behind Vietnamese long hair

Vietnam long hair has outstanding features and is always the dream of many people. And here are some key features you must know:

  • Vietnamese long hair is naturally black and straight: Thanks to the mild climate of the country, Vietnam hair is usually straight and black (sometimes maybe it is dark brown and a bit curly). Moreover, Vietnam women’s caring for and nourishing their hair with products made of natural ingredients also helps to make hair darker and thicker.
  • Vietnam long hair is soft and smooth: Vietnamese women take special care of it by regularly washing it with shampoos formulated with natural ingredients such as locust, holy basil, skin pomelo, and so on. In addition, they avoid fast food and other unhealthy foods that can affect the health of their hair. Thanks to that, Vietnam hair is always soft and smooth, which is the dream of many people.

African countries, especially Nigerians, because their hair is short, they really want to have long hair like Vietnam long hair. European women can have long hair, but their hair is not as full as Vietnamese women’s, so Vietnam hair is also their desire.

  • Vietnam hair can be easily styled and colored: Because of its natural straight texture, Vietnam long hair can be easily styled in many ways you want. It is also very strong, so you can dye Vietnam hair any color you desire. Vietnam hair is also incredibly versatile, giving way to a wide range of attractive hairstyles and colors, especially in blonde tones like shade 613.
  • Vietnam hair is strong and durable: After the chemical process, Vietnam hair still remains as strong as the original. In particular, hair extensions made from Vietnam hair can last up to 9 years if properly cared for.

2. Hair extensions – The quick and easiest way to have long beautiful hair as Vietnamese long hair

Today, due to urbanization and increasingly modern life, there are very few Vietnamese women who grow long hair. Most long hair is only found in mountainous and highland women – this is also the raw material area for Vietnamese hair extensions.

  • Many women from other parts of the world wish to have beautiful silky hair like Vietnamese women, but due to the climate and regional characteristics, it is difficult for them to achieve such beautiful hair. And they look to Vietnam hair extensions – the fastest and most effective way to get long hair like Vietnamese women. Vietnamese hair extensions are increasingly sought after in the hair market and bring great potential and profits to hair distributors around the world. In  Vietnam, there are many reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers.
  • A lot of people, especially African-Americans, are impressed by Vietnam long hair, and they tend to buy hair extensions. Hair retailers in Africa may make two to three times as much money by importing hair extensions from Vietnam.
  • Vietnam hair extensions are considered to be the most reasonably priced choice offered. Vietnam hair extensions are one of the best hair extension types in the world since the hair is carefully chosen, but they are still affordable. It’s for this reason that many people all around the world love Vietnam hair.

So if you want to have your hair as beautiful as Vietnam long hair, look to Vietnam hair extensions – the perfect choice to enhance your beauty.

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